Streamlining Technology Development

The Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Laboratory “DER-Lab” is a new facility to allow for safe testing of new technologies such as monitoring and communication devices, smart controllers, aggregation (e.g. Virtual Power Plant) and market participation software and other innovative new products under development, in a multi-platform environment that simulates real-world conditions prior to roll-out.

The aim is to develop protocols for multi-technology solutions to avoid early technology lock-in, streamline research and development and maximise the number of products which can be used across Australian networks.

World-class, Open-access

Once built, the new Distributed Energy Resource (DER) test laboratory “DER-Lab” will be housed at the ANU which is within the Evoenergy distribution network. The lab will model a small and reconfigurable distribution network where an array of DER devices such as residential batteries, solar PV systems, inverters, and real and simulated controllable electrical loads will be available to industry and researchers. Construction is underway and commissioning and operational launch is expected in Q3 2021

DER-Lab will be a world-class, open-access facility for third party hardware/software developers, universities, and network and market operators.

ACT Leadership

The DER-Lab has been made possible by the investment of $1.5 million from the ACT Government’s Priority Investment Program. The facility continues the ACT's leadership in the renewable energy sector and will become the national focal point for the ecosystem of DER developers, researchers, and utilities.

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ITP Renewables

ITP Renewables is one of the most experienced renewable energy consultancies in Australia and we are proud to call the ACT home. The DER-Lab will build on ITP Renewable’s leading expertise in design, construction and operation of Batt-Lab, an independent battery performance testing facility co-funded by ARENA and located at CIT Bruce in Canberra.

Our expertise centres on the smart integration of renewable energy and energy storage technologies, as well as the provision of strategic advice, feasibility studies; project due diligence; owner’s engineer services; procurement support, construction supervision and capacity building.

With a team of over 35 in Australia and New Zealand, ITP provides a unique combination of experienced renewable energy engineers, specialist strategic and policy advisors, as well as experts in economics, markets and financial analysis. We are also proud to be part of the ITPEnergised Group. ITPEnergised includes companies in the UK, Australia, China and India, and has a consulting team of over 100 professionals worldwide. Over the last 35 years the Group has completed more than 2,000 assignments in more than 150 countries. ITP’s four key service areas are inextricably linked; renewable energy strategy, engineering, compliance and analytics – all of which will be involved in the development and operation of the DER-Lab. ITP is proud to be lead partner of the DER-Lab, providing project management, concept and detailed design, and engineering services to bring the lab’s functional capabilities to life.

Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU) is Australia’s federally funded, world leading research university hosting a large portfolio of energy research. ANU research activities encompass a broad range of technical, technology, policy, and social research and are independent, with an emphasis on being technology and policy neutral.

Within ANU this project is hosted by the Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program. Established in 2018 the Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program has a mandate to undertake activities related to the development, integration, operation, and optimisation of energy storage in electricity grids, and electricity markets, globally. This Lab is complementing and extending the activities and projects within the Program, with collaborations with academia, industry and regulators.


Evoenergy owns and operates 2,400 kilometres of overhead electricity lines, 2,800 kilometres of underground cables and almost 4,900 kilometres of natural gas pipelines; and serves over 201,000 electricity and 150,000 gas customers in the ACT.

Evoenergy’s vision is to be an innovative and technology-driven company that delivers to its customers the safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions they want. This project will help Evoenergy achieve the high level of distributed generation that its customers desire while minimising the costs of network augmentation.

University of New South Wales Canberra

UNSW Canberra Cyber is a research centre within UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy that has a unique, interdisciplinary cyber-security research and teaching centre that provides cutting-edge, long-term, international thought-leadership in cyber security through research, education and external engagement.

UNSW Canberra will work on identifying and implementation of the essential features that the DER-Lab should have to enable research in the area of the dynamics of distribution system generators and cybersecurity aspects. UNSW Canberra will also work on the conformity of the dynamic controller architectures with industry standards that will enable a flexibility in the implementation of controllers from different vendors and research institutions.


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